analog travelog

a life on film

exclusively shooting film in many of its wondrous forms since 2011, my extensive archive of over 20,000 film photographs reflects my continuous travels and a global perspective.

exploring the mirror between moments lived and later recalled, my (arguably too) relaxed developing process gives perspective into how time and space allow reflection - a forgotten luxury in todays world of immediate gratification and critique in fast photography.

focusing on the perception of time and exposure to the elements, my film and i often undergo the same experiences; humidity, airport and museum x-rays machines, a dip in the sea, structural change, etc. 


my film reflects the raw exposure of reality.


curation and exhibition inquiries

film photos and shorts available for show, print(s), digital features, and collaborations.

a selection of photos exploring diverse topics can be curated from an archive of over 20,000 film photographs from 35 countries and counting.

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