film photography by jen

moments unseen

a series of 10 photographs exploring the perception of change and exposure to the elements. undergoing the human experience as i do, the film is subject to airport x-ray machines, humidity, the sea, and more. the resulting images bookend my travels, giving a before-and-after glimpse of a journey: a visual of intangible change

002_2 (1)
002_2 (3)
002_2 (2)

hawai'i dreamscapes

a summer, languid and wild in the jungle

the inbetween

exploring how the act of the journey transports us to desire to leave, to stay in the moment of movement, and to arrive


a motif suggesting the ways in which individuals form a society, communicated through experimental film techniques mirroring the human condition,

multiple-exposure and long term exposure to toxicity; this series asks us to take another look at what we're

growing towards

and to what end


curation and exhibition inquiries

film photos and shorts available for show, print(s), digital features, and collaborations.

a selection of photos exploring diverse topics can be curated from an archive of over 20,000 film photographs from 35 countries and counting.

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